Initiation and development

Project Development

Enlight focuses on the initiation and development of projects, leading to their erection and commercial operation. Activities at these stages necessitate diverse knowledge and expertise and involve uncertainty regarding the chances of realization of the projects. Thus, successful entrepreneurs in this field gain the highest returns on equity in the value chain. Enlight has initiated and successfully erected over 150 projects in the field of renewable energy in Israel and worldwide, which exemplify the company’s high capabilities in the development of projects from early stages.

Once an appropriate opportunity has been identified, Enlight’s development and engineering team acts to plan, execute, and manage all required processes in the different regulatory and planning channels, until final building approvals are obtained. The company has a proved track record in bringing dozens of plans to fruition among the various national planning institutions.

The company also seeks to develop new partnerships in diverse global markets for the joint promotion of new projects worldwide while combining its core competencies in planning and development with local capabilities required by the local developers.

Due to Enlight's effective operations, power plants producing clean energy in the order of hundreds of MW are successfully promoted, contributing to both the electricity sector and the environment.


Project Finance

The development and execution of infrastructure projects is imminently complex and requires an umbrella of financing, construction and operation agreements as well as the availability of considerable capital supplied by both the company and financing parties. During its years of operation, Enlight had procured project financing for the materialization of projects encompassing over US $500 million. These funds were acquired through cooperation with leading banks and financial institutes in Israel and worldwide. The company specializes in tailoring the type of financing for each project, combining financing consortiums for large projects, and the formation of the construction and operation agreements umbrella and their management throughout the construction and operation phases of the project.

Construction management

Construction Management

Enlight has massive experience in construction management of projects that are complex and capital intensive. Such projects require extensive coordination, including: contractor activity, liaison with strategic suppliers, preparation of detailed tenders, and the management of all construction phases. Over time, Enlight has accumulated a database of excellent suppliers and contractors that uphold the exceptional standards Enlight imposes. Enlight's ability to continuously and consistently carry out complex operations from their inception to the point of connecting to the electricity grid stands out as one of the company's singular advantages.

מכירת חשמל

Asset Management and Selling Electricity

The growing aggregate of the company’s yielding installations generate a stable and growing stream of income and profit. Once the development and financing phases of a project have been completed, the site has been erected and connected to the grid, revenue is made from selling that electricity. As part of its operations, once the project is commercially operational, the company continues to manage, supervise, and control operation and maintenance contractors, and manage the financial, regulatory, and operational interfaces.

Yielding projects in the field of renewable energies are a most attractive acquisition prospect for financial players during their operational phase due to their stable and secure cash flow and their low operational risks. According to its financing and growing strategy, Enlight occasionally realizes projects by selling its yielding assets thereby preceding its potential profit during operational phases.