Enlight is proud to be a leader in a field that combines entrepreneurship and environmental development that helps make the world a cleaner and safer place for us and our children. Producing electricity of clean energy is an important step in achieving future sustainability, allowing for growth in population and consumption while maintaining our health and environment and making better and smarter use of natural resources. Most countries worldwide have already accepted that only a lifestyle endorsing sustainability would allow communities to exist and prosper over time while leaving a better place for future generations. Sustainability-endorsing policies are no longer the exclusive legacy of developed or Western countries alone. 195 countries worldwide have already set ambitious goals for the integration of renewable energy, and among them China has been in the lead regarding the extent of annual global installations.The production of renewable energies brings together the rare combination of economy, society, and environment, and all parties involved in the process – governments, entrepreneurs, and citizens – are interested in a world based on clean electricity.

The different technologies employed to produce renewable energy share certain characteristics: they utilize natural resources without detracting from or destroying them, since the energy upon which each is based is not biodegradable such as wind, sun, and water. In contrast to traditional methods employed in the production of electricity, renewable energies are non-contaminating and do not emit any dangerous toxins such as CO2. They allow for better energy-related independence, reducing any dependence on the import of fuels from a limited number of countries. These characteristics are powerful advantages, underlying the fact that approximately half of all new power plants erected worldwide are based on renewable energies. Knowing that entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energies not only changes the world but also enhances it, fills us with the energy to take the lead on new initiatives as we progress towards a better world.